Midnight Musings: 28/11/2020

Midnight Musings

Marathon Making and Woolly Hugs

"So, we meet again."

The crack in my voice betrays my anxiety.  Once again the 1st December looms, rising up seemingly out of nowhere to tower over me with it's booming voice announcing all I'm meant to be doing in the next 24 days. 

Or can you get extra "days" by staying up all night?

Bear with me here - it does make sense - we refer to days to get things done in by standard waking working hours, say 9am - 6pm.  What if we stayed up and worked another 9 hours on top of that.  Two lots of 9 hours in a 24hr period.  Double the time, double the days, right?

So in that case, optimistically, 58 days. 

Ok I can cope with that.

I would like to know who equipped the 1st of December with its camouflage gear.  It strikes me as singularly unfair that most deadlines stomp up to you, noisily reminding you of their impending presence, and yet the one which heralds the most intense making period of the calendar year (depending I suppose on your faith), creeps up behind you and whispers in your ear, startling you out of your skin and meaning you have to send another sheepish DM to your dear friend to apologise that you haven't sent his scrap vent calendar yet but December really did jump out of nowhere.

Marcus - I'm still winding minis - it will be with you soon!

It occurs to me that there are similarities between this month-long-makeathon and a marathon.  I say this in full awareness and acceptance of the fact that I am not a runner.  But look at the similarities.  There is an end goal to be achieved, in a sustained period of productivity that goes beyond the norm.  A "normal" run might be half an hour each day.  A marathon can be four hours or more of continuous running. 

Like a marathon runner, we makers also encounter something commonly known as "the wall" - you've run 25 of the 26.something miles; you've come so far; you can almost hear the finishing line (I say hear because of the tin foil sheets the stewards bundle runners up at the end of the race and, if it's anything like my tin foil at home, that thing makes a racket!). 

But it's too much!  It's too far!  That last little bit is asking too much of you.  

At this point you have to look backwards - look at how far you've come and how great that feels, rather than how far you've still to go.  It helps perspective.  

If you don't, the wall may be impenetrable. Then you've done all that work, all that perseverance, to fall at the final hurdle.  Please excuse the mixed metaphors. 

How awful is that? 

It's like that in making too, although instead of 26.something miles to run it is 26.something projects to finish.  When you hit that wall, you've got to choose:  give up and waste all that work? or do you persevere for that tiny last little bit, and make someone's Christmas with a hand-made something? 

I want more than ever to wrap my loved ones in woolly hugs this year and I'm nervous that the deadlines will sail by and I'll have to give knitting and crochet IOUs to everyone instead

But if I make it feel like a marathon...?

So training starts tomorrow.  I'll get my Christmas WiP list out, work out what needs doing, and figure out where it will all fit.

Will I get my making done?  are any of you also being marathon makers this year?  Do let me know in the comments section below!


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