Knit Now Issue 122 - Interview with me!

Well hello there, fibre friends. It's becoming part of my regular routine to say "oh wow it's been a while" and explain just why I am so shocking at maintaining a blog so let's just skip that part and get to the good stuff. You'll notice, no doubt, that some changes are afoot. Firstly there's a big banner declaring that I'm The Midnight Dyery at the top of this webpage. Perhaps then we'll start there. Since The Project Bag launched in 2018, with an abundance of enthusiasm and quite a lot of research (I even took a business course from Open Learn!), a lot has changed. Firstly, I've discovered that I really don't like sewing project bags. Let's skip over the fact that it took me two years to figure this out and focus instead on the eureka moment of the realisation. Secondly, I've become much more known for my hand dyed yarns - particularly the blue tones. When I was vending at Perth Festival of Yarn 2019, my booth buddy and friend noted that time and again customers were drawn to the blue shades most of all. Finally, I do a lot of my work quite late at night. These three things came together, the universe aligned, something finally clicked and I realised that I wasn't the Project Bag at all, but rather I had become The Midnight Dyery. Of course, it wasn't particularly helpful that this realisation occurred 6 months into a 12 month stint as part of Knit Now Magazine's indie focus feature, but the people at the mag are incredible and put up with me adjusting my logo, business details, and then logo again over the final stage of the year. Nevertheless, aside from my website, I got most of my ducks in a row in time for a double-page spread advert in which the magazine interviewed me about my life as an indie dyer and what was going on in the studio. You can buy the magazine online, but I highly recommend the physical copy as it comes with some brilliant extras! Although it might seem a little awkward ending the year with one foot in The Project Bag and one foot in The Midnight Dyery, I actually view it as really good timing. I'm about to have my last shop update of the year, and then go on my winter break, meaning that I can start 2021 - my third year of trading - with a complete fresh start which, after 2020, I think we could all do with in one way or another!


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