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Hello readers!


It’s been a long time again, hasn’t it?  I often find it hard to get the time to sit down and write, among all the other things I have to do, but I do enjoy it so I hope that you’ll forgive the sporadic publishing of blog posts. 


Firstly, let me say I hope you and yours are well and staying safe.  It’s been a very strange six weeks, hasn’t it?  Tough on everyone for a myriad of reasons.  I saw a great quotation the other day:  “We are not all in the same boat, but we are in the same storm”.  This metaphor sums it up perfectly – while Covid-19 is affecting the entire world, how it affects us varies from individual to individual. 

My life is quite different now to how it was a few weeks ago.  I’ve been working from home since mid-March, and then was Furloughed from 11th April from my day job as a yarn store manager.  I am so proud to have got the new website up and running in time for my last day, although there’s lots still to do when I return. 

Although furloughed, I have found myself just as busy as ever.  I host several knit and natter groups via Zoom, helping local groups as well as hosting The Project Bag Sip and Stitch Night on a Wednesday, and Coffee Morning on a Friday.    These regular meetings are proving a bit of a lifeline for my sanity, as well as helping me keep track of the days.  Anyone else no longer sure of the distinction between weekday and weekend?


Like many of you I’m sure, I’m finding myself becoming more and more aware of all the things that need attention around the house.  Being here full time, I see the rain stains on the windows; the chair that needs fixing; the skirting board that needs glossing, and it’s amazing how much of your day paying attention to these things, as well as the regular running-the-household-tasks can take up! 


However, that said, I’m still making time to craft, create, and work for The Project Bag.  I’ve got myself into a little routine, and am making the most of the time to work on designs, add sizes to extant sock designs, and dye yarn ready for when we get into our new normal, whatever that may be.  


Today is Thursday – my husband is working at his office, and I’ve found myself at the computer from 8.30 AM, adding subtitles to a new tutorial video and uploading this week’s podcast.  While waiting for the files to export, I thought it was the perfect time to drop in and say Hi, how are you?  And to share one of the newest features of The Project Bag Online.


Live Streams

You may have heard of live-streams before, but on the offchance you haven’t, a live stream is a live broadcast over the internet of an activity.  Most streamers are gamers, streaming live play from their consoles for people to watch and chat about in real time, however, there’s a growing base of people streaming a whole range of activities, from baking to knitting and beyond.  In March I joined the community of streamers with my own channel on Twitch.TV


Every Monday at 8pm BST, I spend an hour making something live.  It’s usually something you can achieve easily in an hour, and while we’re in lockdown, I’m trying to pick things that you can do with tools you have in your own homes, or that you can utilise with your children if you’ve got them at home with you.  It’s been fun, although not without its own set of challenges with regards to technology gremlins, and we’ve done all sorts of crafts!


Week 1:  Miniature Book Binding

Week 2: Loom Weaving, including making your own loom.

Week 3: Redwork

Week 4: Scissor Keep and Needle Cosy

Week 5: Cross Stitch

Week 6: Paper Roses

Week 7: Gift Bags


Next week is week 8 and we will be making pom-pom animals at the request of a very special young lady.  My lack of pom-pom finesse is legendary so it should be a giggle and perhaps called a fail-along instead of a make-along!


Past streams can be found on my YouTube channel: as I upload them (I’m a few weeks behind as I need to do some editing!) and I announce each week’s project on Instagram a few days ahead of the stream.


How about you?  Have you tried any new  crafts or techniques while we find ourselves spending more time indoors?  I’d love to hear!


Stay safe

Gem xx


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