Procraftination - causes, effects, and how to combat it.

Hello friends,

It's been quite a while since I last posted here - this is for various reasons.  Initially it was my daughter's first birthday - a difficult time as we figured out how to celebrate her life in the midst of our grief.  This was swiftly followed 32 days later by the anniversary of her death, another really difficult thing to navigate.  Then I landed a new job as manager of a yarn store: The Yarn Dispensary, in Faversham, Kent, and my feet haven't touched the ground since.

However, as time went on, there became another reason why I didn't post.  The longer I went without writing, the harder it became to get started.  In short, I was suffering from...


So after some months, as I finally sit down to type, this is what I want to talk about.  Procrastination, procraftination, why it happens and how to combat it.

Procrastination is about fear, really.  Fear about getting it wrong, about not knowing how things will turn out; it's an act of resistance but rather than enriching our lives as acts of resistance sometimes can, it actually detracts from it.  Mr and  I were listening to a Harry Potter Audiobook this morning while I was nursing a headache, and Hermione gave Harry and Ron homework planners for Christmas that chirped helpful sayings such as:  "Do it today or tomorrow you'll pay".  Thing is, the diary has a point!  So it's time to shove aside the fear and get going.

I recognised I was procrastinating and the temptation is to do research to find out how to combat the procrastination bug.  Only thing is, that's procrastinating too!  There are so many blog posts (oops!), pins on Pinterest, vlogs, podcasts, ted talks about procrastinating that you can procrastinate a whole day away in the name of procrastination research!

How about this - just get on with it?

So that's what I'm magic tricks, no gimmicks, no need for lots of arduous research...just getting on with it.  Starting, with the website.

My thought processes to beat procrastination.

Q) What am I procrastinating?
A) Setting up the shop on the website

Q) What are you afraid of happening?
A)  Not managing to do it; it costing more than I can afford; no one shopping with me.

Q) How does procrastinating help?
A) Actually, it makes all the things I was afraid of guaranteed to come true.


Fancy that!

So there you have it, folks.  I rolled up my sleeves, gave myself a bit of a talking to, and got on with it and here it is.  I have managed to embed the coding into my website to create a shopping function, with sections for yarns, project bags, notions and sale stuff.  It isn't the shiniest, prettiest, most professional looking website, but you know what?  That's OK.

What have you been procrastinating?  What are you afraid of? 
Let me know!


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