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What's New for The Project Bag in 2019

Hello friends,

It seems like I've written about this a lot this year (and as the year is only 8 weeks old, give or take, that's impressive) but as you know another change has come upon me in the past couple of weeks so once again it's time to take stock.

I've been doing a lot of thinking - what else do you do when you've had to quit the day job? - and thought it might be time to share some of it with you!

Firstly, though, let me say a heartfelt "thank you" for your kind wishes and support over the past year or so, but especially over the past couple of weeks as I've struggled to come to terms with my PTSD and also gone through a particularly challenging emotional time of my daughter's first birthday.  Your love, support, encouragement and general loveliness has meant so much.  Thank you.

Secondly, I need to apologise (sorry, Aileen!):  I try to keep the blog, instagram and the podcast all fairly independent of each other in order to keep things fr…