Word of the Year: One Month In

Dear Readers,

How are we all?  January is very nearly over so I thought it was time to have a little think about the new year so far, and to check in and see how we've done.

Viewers of the podcast (www.youtube.com/c/theprojectbag) will know that, rather than picking a list of NYRs, I've chosen a word instead.  And focused my time on setting goals, rather than resolutions.

So why reject resolutions?

I keep diaries.  Each year, a new diary, but old resolutions.  What?  Resolutions were always the same:  at least 10, generally aimed at bits of myself I didn't like or didn't feel good about, all of which required total abstinence from something, or a 100% dedication to embedding a new habit.  Immediately.  Is it any wonder I never managed to keep them?

It takes, apparently, 28 days of hard work to embed a habit. Why, then, do we get to NYE, or the 1st January and suddenly think we will be able to transform ourselves instantly?

Resolutions have taken different shapes for me.  I tried a different style a couple of years ago, when I said less and more. 

Less eating - More moving
Less watching - more reading
Less stressing - more smiling

You get the idea. 

The idea behind the less and more model is that rather than striving for absolute perfection, you just have to be a little better than you were the day before, or year before!  It definitely seemed achievable.

However this still didn't work for me. 

So, this year, I've gone for a word. A word that will be at the centre of my endeavours this year.  And this word, is Grit. 

What is Grit?

There's a great TED talk on the concept of grit as being the thing that separates people and ensures their success or resilience.  I'll link it here...  Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

Why do I need Grit? 

For me, grit was a good word to pick because I'm facing another year of challenges that threaten to floor me.  2018 was a life-changer.  I left my job and career, I started a business, I became a mummy three and a half months sooner than I'd anticipated, and I became a bereaved mummy, trying to find a way to navigate the grief, love my daughter, and keep functioning enough to keep a roof over our heads.

However,  It wasn't all negative:  I became a mummy to the most incredible, feisty, beautiful, amazing little girl and that time with her remains the best time of my life.  I left a career that was breaking me to pursue a passion and build a new life for my family.  I met incredible people at Perth Festival of Yarn and forged new friendships that mean the world.  I launched a business that, so far, seems to be going from strength to strength.

 2019 is going to be challenging again.  I need to have grit to keep going with the business, to push through and keep functioning through my grief (because, new flash, grief doesn't end after a few months or even a year), to believe in myself when I've not got a reason to.  And, deep breath, find the strength and bravery to be a mummy again (no news there just yet, don't worry!) because Lara deserves to be a big sister, and I'm terrified!

So, grit.  For someone who suffers from anxiety, this is going to be a challenge.  So how am I getting on?

Grit in Review:  January

Well it's only been 27 days but, folks, I'm still here.  I have had moments when I wanted to quit (some of those moments lasted more than a moment!) and I've had times when I've barely been able to get myself out of bed for crying.  But I have.  With the support of my husband and friends, I've kept going, got out of bed, put clean knickers on each day (that is a win, folks...if ever you're having a really really shitty day, just remember that putting clean knickers on is a win), and got through.

Sometimes, that word on my whiteboard "grit" will be all I need to get me going.  Remembering that I wrote it down, the tiny 4 letter tyrant sitting there, bold as brass, challenging me, defying me to give up, is enough. 

Persevering through the self-doubt is never easy, but the passion I feel for my work is helping.  I love dyeing yarn, and teaching my knitters and crocheters to knit and crochet.  The passion really helps!

Gritty Wins in 2019

* persevered to meet a design submission deadline for a knitting magazine
* pushed through my own self-doubt to create said submission and submit it, despite being convinced it's no good and no one will want it (they may not, but hey!)
* Applied for three yarn festivals in 2019.  Yes, you read that correctly, I've decided to believe in myself and what I'm doing enough at least to think I might be considered for these.  And, as it happens...
* I've been accepted as a vendor at the Wool Monty Show in June!
* I've taken the huge step of leaving education in the classroom completely and put my faith in TPB. 
* I keep getting up and dressed every day.
* I've taken steps to try and simplify my life to enable me to function at a higher level of productivity - see batch cooking

Biggest of all?
* I've persevered and pushed past the degrading, spiteful little voice in my head.

So, not a bad start for my word of the year!

What;s your word?  How is it going for you? I'd love to know x


  1. It is great to read such a positive post and I am delighted to see that you are giving up the classroom. I am sure that your skills are fully appreciated by your knitting and crochet students and the crafting world will benefit from your focus on TPB business. Unless you ever vend at Wonder Wool I will not see you but will carry on enjoying the podcast.


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