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Yarnporium 2018


Welcome to a new blog post - it's come quite late I know, but hey, it's here now!

This week I thought I'd put together a few notes about Yarnporium - an event organised by Yarn in the City, that seems to take place every two years.  This was my first time attending and it won't be my last!

I'll be honest:  I wasn't initially intending to attend Yarnporium.  It hadn't been that long since Perth (drink!) and I have zero budget for more yarn or supplies right now, what with the whole leaving-a-steady-secure-career-to-set-up-my-own-independent-business thing putting a wee bit of pressure on my bank account and financing skills (both of which are pretty weak, to be honest).  But some of my lovely friends were vending, and I was easily talked into attending by ladies in my knitting group.  I'm really glad I was!

I was designated-driver and we hopped in the car on Saturday morning for the quick zip up to London.  Only it wasn't particularly quick...…