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Peer Pressure is out. Personal Pressure is the new problem.

Hello dear readers!

How are we all?  In shock at seeing a second blog post in a week, perhaps?  Haha!  I am, and I'm the one writing it.

It's Sunday morning - no, really, it is.  I'm writing this from the comfort of my bed, with a warm coffee and a purring cat on Sunday the 7th November 2018.  That probably sounds like a really lovely thing, doesn't it?  The blogger propped up on fluffy pillows, probably wearing cute pyjamas, sipping a coffee from the machine in the kitchen, hair looking like we all wish it would when we first woke up in the morning, with a contented cat.


In reality, while it is Sunday morning and I am writing this while still in bed, it's not that idealistic or romantic a picture.

* My "bed" is the sofa bed in the lounge - we haven't slept in our own room in months as we started work in there in the summer and when September hit just ground to a halt.
* The pillows are not fluffy and I'm wincing as I recall that they're…