What's in my Craft Bag?

My Ragged Rose Craft Bag
Good morning readers!  How are you?

Somehow the week has slipped by and I'm sitting here, on a Sunday morning, suddenly realising that I need (and want) to write to you!  I think the fact that I'm writing the blog as it's meant to be going live gives you a flavour of my week.

Yesterday hubby was off and we spent some time together trying to get the house in order.  I'm also heading off on Friday for a business trip (eek and yay!) and so need to get my crafts together ready for 10 days away.

Part of this has had me reaching for my favourite and GINORMOUS (yes, S, I know that's not a word but I am using it!) Ragged Rose knitting bag.  Somehow, despite the fact that it could easily accommodate a couple's belongings for a weekend away, I have managed to bust the zip on this thing, so it's clearly time for a sort out.

So as I was tossing things out of it onto the sewing table (aka the dining room table), it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I have too much stuff?  And wouldn't it be good to start a conversation about just what is in our craft bags.

This is for all crafters so just because I'm writing about my knitting bag, don't take that to mean you can't write about your other bags for your favourite crafts.  I'm dead nosy and would love to know your must haves, or perhaps your guilty bag secrets! Haha!

So grab a cuppa, settle down, and let's have a riffle through to see what we can find....


I *adore* this bag.  It is HUGE and as someone who has major "but I can't choose and what if I take the wrong thing" anxiety, it appeals to me greatly.  I think when my mum gifted it to me for Christmas she believed it might be able to stay at home and house my WIPs neatly.  Bless her - I have up to 15 WIPs at any one time, although I'm trying to reduce that.  But I absolutely love it...it has pocketses - so many pocketses!  And a zippy inside pocket and is just ginormous (have I said that already?) plus it is my favourite colour (blue) and has my favourite flowers (roses) printed all over it.

The Outer Pockets...

 1) my Knitpro Zing Interchangeable Set.  Believe it or not a couple of the pockets are large enough to hold my case with my interchangeables.  I love that I can slip the case into an outer pocket, nice and snug, so I always have the right size needles on hand, without running the risk of them getting lost in the depths of the bag.  I also keep my Symfonie DPNs in here so that means I won't squash them and break them as I might if they're just in the main bucket of the bag.  Because, even though I pack 3 projects each time I go away just for a day trip, inevitably I will want to cast on something new - haha!

2) A notebook (or two) - these are absolutely essential for me.  I say this, but I've only just started using them.  Up until a few weeks ago when I became a podcaster and had to suddenly be a bit more profesh, I would use whatever I had to hand...scrappy bits of envelopes, paper napkins from well-known fast-food chains, even sometimes "sorry we have missed you" cards from Royal Mail!  But now I have a notebook or two in the pockets.  One for WIPs, one for inputting notes formally after things are completed, one for design ideas.  Actually, that's three isn't it?  Haha!

3)  A selection of pens and pencils.

4) A cute little button tin that I picked up at The Cheap Shop in Tiptree years ago.  It's ideal for storing sewing-up needles and I also keep my tiny 9 inch circulars in there.

5) A clear notions box with a thimble, cable needles, and stitch markers.  My lovely friend was a bit fed up of me always asking to borrow them so she treated me - aren't I lucky?

Main Body

Now we're into the treasure trove itself! 

1) Knitting magazines - I might not always want to knit, you know, so will flick through for inspiration.  You never know when you might find a yarn shop and need a pattern ready!

2) A sock project bag with socks!  Since I really discovered the joys of knitting socks just before Christmas 2017, I never leave home without socks.  In my project bag at the moment is a HO (half-object) - the sock pattern I have designed and is with testers at the moment.  Watch out for it as a digital download on Etsy and Ravelry this Autumn.  The project bag is my small sized project bag and I have a few available in my Etsy store at the moment if you'd like one for yourself.

3) Spare sock yarn - because of course I'm going to knit an entire sock in a day and cast on the next one!  Honestly I'm using this as a sort of a carrot....seeing the next ball of yarn with the plan for a new design that I so want to get starting on should, in theory, help me finish the first sock! (Who am  I kidding, I did the first sock almost 2 months ago and have steadfastly been avoiding it since!)  At the moment I have this sumptuous Drops Fabel yarn, and a gorgeous hand-dyed self-striping cake of sock yarn by Dragon Hill Studios

4) A book.  As my knitting bag comes everywhere with me it makes sense to put paperbacks in here rather than weighing down my handbag.  Currently I have 2 summer reads in there, not that I've read more than the blurb just now of either, but at least I'm prepared for my business trip later this week!

5)  At least 3 other projects!  Currently in my bag are my Drops Designs jumper for my Grandma, my Calypso Cardigan for my mum's friend, and my test-knit for Emily Walton of her Sattler Cardi.  I also have some yellow lace-weight yarn just because and a knitting stuffed toy kit just in case, and an embroidery kit, you know, in case I finish everything!

6) My new crochet hook roll

7) Evidence of guilt....in this case Malteaser wrappers!

8) A back scratcher.  No I have no idea why, either!

The Zippy Pocket

This is where I keep all my miscellaneous notions that don't fit in the tin or box.  My Ann Budd Knits gauge ruler is a must, as well as my digital stitch counter.  I also have several sets of KnitPro Symfonie sock needles, a ruler.....ohhh!  THAT'S where my tape measure got to...!   A needle sizer thingy and loyalty cards for the coffee shops I knit in most often.  Y'know, just the essentials!

So that, dear readers, is what's in my knitting bag. 

Does any of this remind you of you?  Anyone else secrete chocolate wrappers in there?  More than one project?  Let me know in the comments below!


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