The Meaning Behind The Project Bag's Name


How are we all?  I'm writing at the end of yet another incredibly busy week - the podcast is in the process of being edited, new products are being photographed and listed, and I'm getting e-mails from wonderful people who want to book onto the first knitting courses in Kent that start in a month's time.

Life is incredibly busy right now, which is fabulous and exhausting and brilliant, and scary all at the same time! 

So as everything to do with The Project Bag is kicking off properly, I thought I'd take some time to just chat with you about what exactly The Project Bag is, my vision for its future, and what you guys can expect from me and it.

What's in a name?

When starting a business, it's important to do your research.  I've discussed this already in this blog post.  But you also have to know what your passions are and your strengths, to have a clear business plan and to work out how it will be viable.  I took a basic business course at the start of the year and learned loads.  One of the things I learned about, was naming your brand. 

Sometimes, you might want to put your name to a brand, particularly if you're focusing on a high-end single product such as jewellery, or designs.  For me, that wasn't what I wanted.  My vision puts my customers and consumers right at the heart of everything I do, providing supplies for crafters but also supporting them on their creative journeys through tuition.  Plus, and this is probably the most important thing to me, creating a community whereby crafters come together and share their work, tips, support one another - find their tribe. 

So the next thing to do is to list what your business offers and work out what the common thread is...

* handmade project bags
* handmade notions
* knitting and crochet patterns
* tuition for sewing, knitting, crochet and other crafts
* free tutorials, patterns and guidance
* community space online and in real life
* craft alongs for fun and prizes.

For me, the project bags would be the starting point and mainstay of my business, and then you've got all the connotations of a bag - something a bit special, a bit beautiful, containing all the tools you need to create something wonderful for yourself.  Those wonderful somethings could be formed from patterns downloaded from me, things that you're able to make from my tuition.  I can see you pulling out your projects that you've chosen for yourselves, with your new-found confidence in crafting, or who knows, perhaps you've even designed them yourselves!  Project Bags hold so much promise.

And so, The Project Bag was born! 

If you have a business, how did you come up with the name?  I'd love to hear.  Or, if you had a business, what would you call it and why?

Let me know below!


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