Meet the Maker - 20 facts about me

Hello Readers!

How are you all?  I am so sorry for my long absence.  I've discovered a couple of things lately:

Fact the first... uploading and editing takes a fast computer.
Fact the second... I do not have a fast computer
Fact the third... My lack of fast computer means I cannot do anything else while exporting and uploading takes place, therefore I cannot blog.

Fact the fourth...I cannot do all things all the time.
Fact the fifth... I am human.

But these discoveries of facts have led me to thinking it might be fun to do a fact blog post.

So here I am...another 15 facts about me.

6) I am a recovering chocaholic.  I actually don't like the taste that much but I persevere when I'm in the mood.

7) For someone who works with needles all the time, I'm a complete needle-phobe.  I had to have a cannula put in when I was in hospital before the birth of my daughter.  It took them several attempts and in the end they had to get the smallest one they could find.  When Lara was born we went to see her in NICU and I was shocked, embarrassed and also proud (of her) when I discovered that I had the same size cannula they give to the preemies!  My little girl was so much tougher than I am! Haha!

8) I was once almost run over by the queen - not personally - she had a driver.  She and Prince Philip were on their way to the Chelsea Flower Show and the police were stopping traffic but didn't tell pedestrians to stop so I and some others strolled across only to have to dash out of the way of their chauffered car coming round the corner!  Rather amusingly, the "kids" were following behind in a mini-bus! Haha!  Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Camilla etc.  It made me chuckle!

9) I'm a crafting / making / creating magpie with a tendency to bite off more than I can chew.  I've tried a lot but become expert at relatively little including: baking, gardening, piano, singing, ballroom and Latin American dancing (I've done this for over 20 years so this is one I'm pretty competent at) bowling, guitar, needlefelting, sewing, candle-making - the list goes on!

10)  It's my dream to have a home-based dye studio.  I've taken an important step towards realising that dream by leaving a teaching career (inspired by my daughter) and starting The Project Bag. My husband is drawing up plans to build a studio just for me.  By Summer 2019 I hope to be moving in!

11) I'm a sucker for animals.  I spent the best part of the last year helping a stray who I christened "Scraggy-cat" and with the help of a local charity - an incredible local charity Animals Lost and Found in Kent, and another local living near me, we did it.  I spent months gaining his trust, feeding him, getting to the point where he'd follow me home when I called him for his dinner, and he even purred when I stroked him.  When I went into hospital we were having a really bad winter and Scraggy was suffering.  Another local popped a photo of him onto the ALAFIK website and I was tagged.  As I was in hospital, I couldn't help, but ALAFIK came out again and worked with this lovely lady to rescue him.  He was starving and FIV positive so my hopes of adopting him were dashed as he would have to be an indoor cat in a one-pet home.  But he's been given a home at Streetkatz and hopefully soon will find his forever home. 

12) I have double-jointed fingers - while this I'm sure helps with my knitting, it means that I freak people out and can't play barre chords on the guitar - womp womp!

13) I'm scared of people dressed up as mascots.  Disney World would be my own personal version of fair-ground hell.  Even as a child I'd run a mile!

14) I've suffered from depression and still suffer from anxiety.  I ended up on long-term sick leave due to depression, anxiety and developed agoraphobia.  I recovered, but realised the importance of speaking out about mental health.  There's such a taboo about it and that's wrong - you wouldn't be scared of admitting you had a cold or flu, why are people scared of being judged when our mental health suffers, as our physical health often does?  Speak out, support others, don't judge.

15) Nothing makes me happier than seeing others succeed.  One of the things I loved about being a teacher was being able to help my students unlock their own potential and skills - those lightbulb moments made everything worth it!

16) I'm a hoarder.  As much as I'd hate to admit it, I do hoard "treasures".  I'm a huge sentimentalist.  A friend said to me, with all the love in the world, she couldn't live like me, it would stress her out.  If you want comfort with throw-pillows, blankets, soft-lighting, books and photographs scattered about, come to mine for a cuppa.  If you want minimalism - best go elsewhere!

17)  I'm a feeder - I love to host and see people enjoying themselves.  I host crafternoons a couple of times a year to raise money for charity and I love baking and laying on a spread, fussing over my guests and helping them feel at home in my home.  I'm lucky enough to have some friends help me out with these and ensure it all goes smoothly -couldn't do it without them!

18)  I'm scared of heights - cripplingly so!  Even standing on a chair to reach something makes me dizzy.

19) I have no desire to travel.  I think Britain has so much to offer for us as it is and until I've explored all the nooks and crannies of that, I'm happy not to get on a plane!

20)  I am terrified about the future and excited in equal measure. I've always done everything "as I should", did my exams, went to uni, picked a sensible career (which I absolutely loved.  My years as a teacher will be treasured for the rest of my life as will all the children I taught).  And now I'm stepping away from the plan to embrace something risky and creative and exciting and terrifying.  You only live once, life is short, all those cliches are cliches because they're true. And I'm deciding to write my own story!


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