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What's in my Craft Bag?

Good morning readers!  How are you?

Somehow the week has slipped by and I'm sitting here, on a Sunday morning, suddenly realising that I need (and want) to write to you!  I think the fact that I'm writing the blog as it's meant to be going live gives you a flavour of my week.

Yesterday hubby was off and we spent some time together trying to get the house in order.  I'm also heading off on Friday for a business trip (eek and yay!) and so need to get my crafts together ready for 10 days away.

Part of this has had me reaching for my favourite and GINORMOUS (yes, S, I know that's not a word but I am using it!) Ragged Rose knitting bag.  Somehow, despite the fact that it could easily accommodate a couple's belongings for a weekend away, I have managed to bust the zip on this thing, so it's clearly time for a sort out.

So as I was tossing things out of it onto the sewing table (aka the dining room table), it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I have too much stu…

The Meaning Behind The Project Bag's Name


How are we all?  I'm writing at the end of yet another incredibly busy week - the podcast is in the process of being edited, new products are being photographed and listed, and I'm getting e-mails from wonderful people who want to book onto the first knitting courses in Kent that start in a month's time.

Life is incredibly busy right now, which is fabulous and exhausting and brilliant, and scary all at the same time! 

So as everything to do with The Project Bag is kicking off properly, I thought I'd take some time to just chat with you about what exactly The Project Bag is, my vision for its future, and what you guys can expect from me and it.

What's in a name?

When starting a business, it's important to do your research.  I've discussed this already in this blog post.  But you also have to know what your passions are and your strengths, to have a clear business plan and to work out how it will be viable.  I took a basic business course at the start…

Meet the Maker - 20 facts about me

Hello Readers!

How are you all?  I am so sorry for my long absence.  I've discovered a couple of things lately:

Fact the first... uploading and editing takes a fast computer.
Fact the second... I do not have a fast computer
Fact the third... My lack of fast computer means I cannot do anything else while exporting and uploading takes place, therefore I cannot blog.

Fact the fourth...I cannot do all things all the time.
Fact the fifth... I am human.

But these discoveries of facts have led me to thinking it might be fun to do a fact blog post.

So here I am...another 15 facts about me.

6) I am a recovering chocaholic.  I actually don't like the taste that much but I persevere when I'm in the mood.

7) For someone who works with needles all the time, I'm a complete needle-phobe.  I had to have a cannula put in when I was in hospital before the birth of my daughter.  It took them several attempts and in the end they had to get the smallest one they could find.  When Lara was …