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Review: Saved By Cake - over 80 ways to bake yourself happy, by Marian Keyes

Hello Dear Readers!

It's the end of another week and so I settle down to write to you once more.   Although I blog just once a week, I try to keep my content varied and interesting, so today I want to bring you a review of a book I really enjoyed using.

As you know, although predominantly into fibre craft, all crafts appeal to me, and I've tried lots and lots.  One particular craft that I return to again and again is baking. 

It might surprise you to hear me refer to baking as a craft, but to me it is.  You are creating something new from component parts, the process is therapeutic, the result is at least pleasing to some senses if not a thing of beauty  - I think here of course at my poor attempts at piping icing.  It is artistic and requires patience and, depending on how you want the finish to be, skill. 

Baking also brings joy to others and baked goods make the perfect accompaniment to craft sessions.  Who doesn't enjoy knit and natter with a cup of tea and a piece o…

Meet the Maker, Episode 1: Driftmoods

Hello there friends,

I'm pleased to finally be introducing a new series to the blog that has been a long time coming.  "Meet the Maker" will introduce you to some of the faces and talent behind wonderful small independent crafty businesses, and open up your eyes to some truly awesome crafts.

For those of you who read last week's post about Cockington, you'll know already that our first episode of this series sees me chatting to Craig Daniels, who is the master craftsman behind "Driftmoods".  I wandered into his studio in Cockington and, being super brave for me, struck up a conversation.  He was kind enough to say that he was happy for me to write about him without further ado!

Driftmoods has a little studio in Cockington Court - in what I believe to have been the stable yard at one point, judging by the buildings.  It's relatively new to the court, having only been there for 2 years, but there's almost a decade of hard work and talen…

Cockington Village: crafts, cream teas and charm by the sea in Devon

Dear Readers,

Hello!  How are we all?  Perhaps many of you are starting to dream of those lazy summer days away from work, enjoying some R&R with your nearest and dearest, or perhaps just on your own! 

This week I want to share with you one of my favourite places:  Cockington Village in Torquay, Devon.  Its chocolate box cottages set in picturesque wooded countryside a short stroll from the seafront and the hustle and bustle of Torquay make it a hidden gem. 

I first visited Cockington 10 years ago, shortly after I nervously stepped off the train onto Newton Abbot platform, waiting to meet my boyfriend's family for the first time (now my husband, and my family).  My mother-in-law was keen to show me all that Torquay had to offer, in particular the walks.  And after a hilarious hike up Haytor on the moors (every photograph she took of me looked like I was in pain -  I'm just not that good with heights!) and a visit to the House of Marbles, we settled on a walk around Cockin…

We're on Etsy! Useful tips for starting out on your own.

Hello dear readers!

How are we all?  I hope you're well and have enjoyed a restful weekend.  It's a bit of a late one today as I've been chained to my sewing machine for the past couple of days, getting ready for the launch of The Project Bag on Etsy. 

I was going to write about starting your own business but, honestly my darlings, I just don't have the mental bandwidth left to go through all of that.  It takes a lot, and a lot of time, energy, research and effort.  It means long hours, lots to learn, official forms and registrations, and a business plan.

So I think I'll leave you with some pretties from my new Etsy Store but, before I do....

I will, however, point you in the direction of some useful tools and resources:

1) Government Website

As dull as it may seem, using the government website is the best way to start.  It will help you figure out if you qualify as self-employed, whether to go for sole-trader status, and gu…