My name is Gemma and I am a yarn addict. 2018 Stash Challenge + Stash Dash

Hello there friends!

NB:  Written originally in January - has been updated for publication. 

A new year is a time to reflect, take stock, and make decisions.  Towards the end of 2017 I literally did take stock of my yarn and craft supplies and came to the inevitable decision that I have a problem.... a big one.
On my NKUK page, I hosted a give-away game: I'd done a stock take earlier in the year and had 190 balls/skeins of yarn.
original stash
Now this might seem like a lot but bear in mind that I was making and selling Wish-Bears and baby blankets so a lot of this was legitimate stock.  However, by November I'd changed direction, was no longer selling and had not invested in any more "stock" yarns.  However, I had attended my first yarn festival and being off sick from work long term had taken to indulging in "happy post" to cheer myself up.

So the game was decided:  would I have more yarn or less yarn in November than I did at the beginning of the year?

I will admit it - I was in denial.  I genuinely believed that I would have the same or less. Ha!
new stash
The total was 276 balls/skeins of yarn.  At the time the giveaway ended I also had another 2 on the way from Truly Hooked and since then I was also gifted another 2 by my husband for Christmas as he treated me to Truly Hooked's Christmas box. the moment my total stands at 282 eek!
*added later* just realised I had to buy 3 more balls when buying poppers at a local haberdashers so I could use my car. But still, 285 is a nice number isn't it?

The indie-dyed yarn alone would stretch 5 miles (I'm not exaggerating - I measured it) and the commercial yarn, well, that doesn't bear thinking about!

So it is with reluctance that I am embarking on a yarn diet and not only that, am determined to find ways to use up every scrap of my stash.  Yes I know I won't be able to use all of my yarn before buying any more but I need to make a sizeable dent in it.

Stash Dash - the Knit Girllls

You may have heard of stash-dash which takes place in the summer and is hosted by Laura and Leslie AKA the Knit Girllls of the Knit Girllls podcast - well I am now joining in that, having been thoroughly enabled by the gorgeous Amy of Stranded Dyeworks and the Stranded Podcast.  

I'll provide a quick summary, but here's the link to their rules episode of the podcast so you can see exactly how to get involved: 

The Stash Dash runs for 3 months every summer.  It's a just-for-fun competition to use up as much stash during the summer as possible.  The distances are 1k, 3k, 5k, 10k, or 15k.  Amy and I are going for the 15k - go big or go home right?  However, you are accustomed to me providing you with some silliness in the form of an anecdote and, true to form, here you are....

Facepalm Moment of the Month

So there I am, joking away on instagram with Amy of Stranded about "going big or going home", after I'd said I'd try for the 15K.  "Yesss!! Do it!!!!!" was Amy's response.  Ok - I will!

Then, having finished a scarf for stash dash and triumphantly converting the meters to kilometers, the full scale of my idiocy hit me like an icy cold shower when the boiler has failed. Yes, yours truly, who works in yards rather than meters, didn't know that there are 1000 meters in a kilometer!

Outraged I shared this news with Alan:  
"Did you know there were 1000 meters in a kilometer? I've just committed to knitting 15,000 meters of yarn in 3 months!"
"Yes, I did know that," he smiled, "and so did did Latin right...kilometer?"

I hang my head in shame!

My Bid for the 15k
By the end of the summer I will have more knitwear than the most avid hygge fan in a nordic winter!  So two weeks in, I've completed my first 1/2 kilometer and next on the needles will be this gorgeous yarn by Verity of Truly Hooked.  It was the yarn in her Christmas box and is called...wait for a unicorn threw up on Christmas!  Isn't that amazing!
trulyhookedchristmasbox Contents of Truly Hooked's Christmas Box Club:  credit for photography Truly Hooked.

I have used this gorgeous aran yarn to design a cabled hat pattern and, for stash dash, a matching pair of mittens.  Watch out for the pattern in the summer and I will also be asking for test-knitters too so if you're interested, drop me a line!

However, every diet is more successful with friends and support - anyone here a crafty hoarder?  It doesn't have to be yarn, it could be sewing supplies, fabric, paints, beads - anything goes!

Let me know what your addiction is and what you hoard.  Who wants to join in with a use-it-up clear out as opposed to a chuck-it-out one?

Anyone else for stash dash?  

Answers in the comments please.  Please....surely I'm not talking to myself?


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