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Photo Tutorial: The Art of Threading a Needle, and other ramblings.

Hello dear readers,

I come to you a little later than usual this Sunday, as I've been away from home today.  Today is father's day - and as I'm sure you'll understand, it was quite a tough one for Mr PB and me.  But I'm back now, and ready to address another challenge.

On Wednesday I started a new feature on The Project Bag Facebook Page:  I Wonder Wednesday.  I used to do this in form-time with my students... I'd let them loose on the whiteboard with the markers - each student could ask a question - and then I'd try and answer some of the interesting (and appropriate!) ones over the coming week. 

The feature seems to have gone down well, and I've already answered one question on the page.  So now I turn my attention to some of the trickier ones.

"I've never been good with a needle - how long does it take to get the hang of it?"
This is quite a tricky question in that it seems quite generalised, so I thought I'd start with the thing that se…

My name is Gemma and I am a yarn addict. 2018 Stash Challenge + Stash Dash

Hello there friends!

NB:  Written originally in January - has been updated for publication. 

A new year is a time to reflect, take stock, and make decisions.  Towards the end of 2017 I literally did take stock of my yarn and craft supplies and came to the inevitable decision that I have a problem.... a big one.
On my NKUK page, I hosted a give-away game: I'd done a stock take earlier in the year and had 190 balls/skeins of yarn.

Now this might seem like a lot but bear in mind that I was making and selling Wish-Bears and baby blankets so a lot of this was legitimate stock.  However, by November I'd changed direction, was no longer selling and had not invested in any more "stock" yarns.  However, I had attended my first yarn festival and being off sick from work long term had taken to indulging in "happy post" to cheer myself up.

So the game was decided:  would I have more yarn or less yarn in November than I did at the beginning of the year?

I will admit it - I wa…