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Adventures in Sock Knitting, Episode 2: Not so Vanilla Socks

Hello and welcome to Episode 2 of the blog mini-series:  Adventures in Sock Knitting.

Five months and three-and-a-half-pairs of socks into my adventures and  I am still thoroughly enjoying my foray into sock-knitting.

I know this post is well overdue because of what's been going on in my little family so I'm going to combine two pairs.  So, grab a cuppa, settle back against those Sunday morning pillows and let's get started.

Not so vanilla socks: my first patterned pair.

It stands to reason that, having "mastered" vanilla socks (by which I mean successfully knit one pair!), it wouldn't be long before I was searching for more challenges.  Cue my search for my first pair of patterned socks.

Just after Christmas I discovered Crazy Socklady Podcast (see my "Pick of the Podcasts" review post) and that did for me.  Never before had I seen someone so passionate about the knitting of socks.  Yes Amy and Amber are very very fond of socks but the sheer number…

REVIEW: My Pick of the Podcasts, Winter/Spring 2018

Hello there!

I hope you're well - thank you so much for joining me again for another crafty chat.  It's so lovely to have you here, knowing that you are passionate about crafts like I am and I can chatter away with you without suffering any eye-rolls or that glazed over look that some friends and family get when I start talking about my latest crafty obsession.  You guys get it and I love that!

That brings me to the focus of today's post: podcasts.  I am a recent convert, having only discovered them about 7 months ago, but they're wonderful!  It's just fantastic to pour a cup of tea, grab your knitting, crochet or whatever craft you fancy, and sit down to welcome a warm, friendly personality into your living room.  The best ones make it feel like they've popped round themselves for a cuppa and a chat.

You may already have heard of podcasts, you may already watch them, you may have no idea what I'm talking about, but I always love discussing podcasts with frien…