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Article: Acrylic Yarns - Poor Relation or Unsung Hero?

I should imagine there are some who shudder at the word acrylic with the same violence that Ron Weasley displays every time Harry or Hermione name He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.  If the very thought of acrylic yarns brings you out in a cold sheen of anxiety, forgive me, but I think this is something that needs exploring.

The resurgence of popularity of knitting over the past ten years or so has resulted, brilliantly, in a whole wealth of exciting new yarns, fibre contents, indie dyers, yarn weights, knitting and crochet techniques and high-fashion designs.  This is all fantastic and something to be celebrated, but are we forgetting the role the humble acrylic has to play?

If you want evidence that this is something worth talking about, just check out Amy's most recent episode of the Stranded Podcast.  She is kicking off the new year with a "commercial yarn-along" because she is all too aware that some people feel excluded from knit-alongs owing to a limited budget, or not ow…

Release the Ripple!

Hello there!

NB:  This post was originally written and due to be posted a while back, so some time references may not make sense.  Those of you who follow my FB page will know the tiny but feisty reason for this and, I hope, forgive me. Enjoy xx

I'm very excited because today is the day I release the pattern for the ripple lace scarf to you.  And, possibly most exciting of all.... it's FREE!

I wanted to share something with all of those who are choosing to come on this journey with me, reading my blogs and joining in the conversations on here, Facebook, and Instagram.  With Christmas already behind us, and the cold weather set to stay, what better item for a selfish knit than a gorgeous scarf?

My scarf has been a long time coming as, like many of you, I've focused instead on crafty making for other people for Christmas, but on Christmas Eve I cast it on and voila!  Here it is!

I had originally used a standard feather and fan stitch for my scarf but I just wasn't in lov…