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Happy New Year - how are we all?   I hope you've had an enjoyable festive season, however you celebrate, and are all geared up for an exciting 2018.

I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little of what you can expect from this blog, should you choose to follow it - and I sincerely hope you do.

My name is Gemma - I've been crafting since I could wield a paintbrush and have always been fascinated by fibre arts.  I am a self-confessed hoarder of craftiness and yarn-addict, spending every waking moment that I don't have to give over to the mundane pursuits of housework (and other mundane pursuits that dog the days of responsible adults) knitting, crocheting, and crafting - when I can't actually do them, I'm usually thinking about them!

Two years ago I launched a fb page: nurseryknitsuk to indulge my passion for knitting for little people and I was overwhelmed with the positive reaction it received - followers seem to enjoy seeing my WIPs (works in progress), FOs (finished objects), wool-piggery (self-explanatory) and my designs.  I've personally loved getting to know my followers and we've become a little crafty community, sharing all of our creations, drooling over yarn and having a giggle along the way.  It's largely thanks to their encouragement that I've bitten the bullet, grabbed the bull by the proverbials and decided to launch "The Project Bag" and this blog.

The Project Bag will provide all sorts of things: starting off first of all with hand-made notions (little bits and bobs to help knitters and crocheters with their crafts), a few of my patterns, hand-made project bags (to store all the wonderful crafty goodness) and knitting and crochet tuition (currently only available in Maidstone, Kent).  Please do pop over to to see for yourself!   You can also find me on instagram at

But I digress - what you wanted to know is what to expect from this blog, isn't it?

The blog is where I will wax lyrical about:
Topic Series - Throughout 2018 I'll have various topics that I focus on as a series of posts.  The first is Adventures in Sock Knitting, which has been published today so do pop along and have a read.

Reviews - find out what I think of various yarns, from commercial yarns to those gorgeous indie-dyed skeins of joy; of knitting and crocheting gadgets and gizmos - always useful before you invest in a ball winder yourself; and patterns from other indie designers.

Tutorials and Tips - find out what I think is the best way to weave in ends (or avoid weaving them in), how to have a go at designing patterns yourself, how to care for your knitwear and how to create basic knitting and crochet stitches to start you off on your yarny adventures.  I've worked with children for the last 15 years so will also have lots of ideas for you to try out crafting with your little ones.

Behind the scenes - follow me as I live the craftiest life possible, trying new crafts and exploring all the wonderful possibilities.  This bit should give you a giggle as I'm a warts-and-all sort of girl and will not hide my mistakes from you!  While I do think of myself as crafty, I do have disasters from time to time!

Patterns and Projects - find out about my design collection, including guidance on how to get the best finishes.  I've also worked with children for the last 15 years and so you'll find lots of ideas to keep your little ones occupied on rainy days.

Freebies!  Who doesn't love a freebie?  Get exclusive access to certain patterns (starting with my gorgeous rainbow lace scarf available to subscribers from 8th January) and take part in giveaways throughout the year.

Random Adventures: you will most likely find that I do go off on weird and wonderful tangents in my writing, as I did in my classroom and I certainly will in my podcast when it launches in September 2018 (hold me to that!).  So there will almost definitely be a surprise post or two - expect the unexpected!  My advice is to grab a cup of tea, curl up, and enjoy the ride, making sure to join in the chatter afterwards!

Thank you so much for dropping by - do feel free to peruse a post or two and of course subscribe!

Gemma xx


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