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Adventures in Sock Knitting, Episode One - Vanilla Socks and Beginner Mistakes

Good morning!

I am ridiculously excited to introduce the first topic series of 2018.  Today is also the day that the blog launches and my goodness I am nervous!  It was all well and good writing posts during January and not publishing them but they're all there now, ready to be read and - hopefully - enjoyed.

Anyway, I digress.  You're not here to hear about my nerves and excitement, you're here to hear about socks - so let's dive in!

I am not a completely new sock knitter - my first pair was actually made almost six years ago from some commercial sock yarn that I was gifted as a birthday present.  I used the 2 circular needle method (more on methods later) and a vanilla sock pattern and it took me AGES.  In fact, the second sock langished for months waiting for its toe and I have no idea why.

However, last Summer I discovered Indie-dyed yarn.  I was under the weather, and in need of cheering up so I decided to treat myself to a suprise box from indie-dyers Truly Hook…

The 4 Cs of Crafting, why Mary Berry is a Legend and a FREE RECIPE

So you may be a little bemused by my post-title.  What's Mary Berry got to do with crafting?  Is she a closet knitter?  Are we going to start reading about celebrity knitter profiles? - Actually, that's not a bad idea....

Crafting and cake go hand in hand.  Like wine and cheese, chocolate and me in general, they're a match made in heaven.  In fact, you could think of them as two of the 4 Cs of crafting:  craft, cake, coffee (or a cuppa?) and chat.

In fact, cake goes so well with crafty times, that one of my lovely local knitting groups has actually launched a monthly outing to try and combat this!  The idea is that we meet, go for a lovely country walk to take in the fresh air and get our blood pumping, before returning ruddy cheeked and sparkly eyed to the warmth of a cafe or pub and then knitting and caking to our hearts' delight.  Come on now, you didn't seriously expect me to say we'd go without cake entirely, did you?

My most popular posts on my hobby page…

2018: The Year of Making ALL THE THINGS

Hello there friends!  Have you got a cuppa ready?  Excellent. I want to start today by talking about why I’ve abandoned new year’s resolutions, and also to share my personal crafty goals with you.  The reason I’m sharing them is because it should give you an idea of what to expect in the coming year from this blog, and hopefully also pin me down to achieving them! What is it about a new year that gets you raring to go and all excited about the possibilities?  It’s funny isn’t it?  It’s just another day, just another week, just another month, but somehow we’ve always associated the start of a new year with the opportunity to make changes and improve ourselves.  Personally, I think anything that gets you excited and motivated after the come-down from Christmas and during the drab winter months that stretch ahead has got to be a good thing – so I’m all for it, even if only on paper and my resolutions are usually forgotten by about January 15th! If any of you keep diaries, take a quick l…

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Happy New Year - how are we all?   I hope you've had an enjoyable festive season, however you celebrate, and are all geared up for an exciting 2018.

I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little of what you can expect from this blog, should you choose to follow it - and I sincerely hope you do.

My name is Gemma - I've been crafting since I could wield a paintbrush and have always been fascinated by fibre arts.  I am a self-confessed hoarder of craftiness and yarn-addict, spending every waking moment that I don't have to give over to the mundane pursuits of housework (and other mundane pursuits that dog the days of responsible adults) knitting, crocheting, and crafting - when I can't actually do them, I'm usually thinking about them!

Two years ago I launched a fb page: nurseryknitsuk to indulge my passion for knitting for little people and I was overwhelmed with the positive reaction it received - followers seem to enjoy seeing my WIPs (works in pro…